Enjoy varieties of food produced by locals wherever you are.

Our community food marketplace makes it easier for you to discover and shop directly with food producers and businesses in your local area. Local businesses set up their online shop on our food marketplace and take local orders without stress. Food Markies marketplace offers an excellent opportunity for local food businesses to sell together for collective business advantage. With Food Markies community marketplace, both famous and unpopular local producers enjoy excellent visibility when it matters the most. Our vision is to build healthier, more connected and prosperous communities through local food shopping.

Discover local faster

Are you local to the community or just visiting? Food Markies marketplace makes it super easy for you to discover and shop fresher, rich, and great-tasting food from local businesses. Suppose you love to connect with where your food is made; in that case, you will find friendly food producers passionate about their customers and put people before profit. You and your family will enjoy better food and be happier for it.

Support locals with your excess

Food Markies company believes in a society where no family goes to bed hungry, and no good food goes to waste. We partner with charity organizations that accept excess food items from locals and distribute them for free or at discounted prices to families in need. Do you have extra home-grown produce or food products? Do you want to pay it forward for a family in need? Food Markies helps you to connect with a local charity shop in your community to support other families or get help with food when you need it.

Create more local opportunities

Imagine that in your community, Wendy orders freshly harvested, ripe oranges from Dan's orchard. She produces fresh orange juice for Laura, Mike and Michelle, who pre-ordered her all-natural orange juice. Les, Laura son, who is 17 and studying photography in TAFE, finds an opportunity in taking professional product photos for food businesses in his community. Michelle's husband is a delivery driver, cheerfully picking up orders from the hub and delivering to families who love his great sense of humour. At the same time, Mike and many others find opportunities in supplying products and services needed to support the thriving business community. In your community, families eat better food and are happier because of the better connection, opportunities and collective growth. 

Our goal at Food Markies is to encourage local food production, sourcing, and distribution. We believe that a community food system will allow families to access better quality foods. Family businesses can also thrive to keep offering the best to other families with whom they share a deep connection.

Food Markies... Better Food, Happier families!