Our Food Marketplace...

Connecting families to sources of more sustainable food in the neighbourhood

Food Markies marketplace provides a platform for small food producers and businesses to sell their quality products locally and enjoy a better connection with families in their local area. We make it possible for new or old residents to discover and instantly shop their preferred taste and quality of food from other families in the neighbourhood. Our vision is to build healthier, more connected and thriving communities through a community-led food system.

Our Brand Promise... Better food, happier families!

Local Food Discovery

Wouldn't it be nice to discover any choice food produced or sold by families in your area; Whether you are new to the location or just visiting? 
Food Markies makes it easy and convenient for families to discover and shop for sustainable foods produced or sold by other families in the neighbourhood. 
We are all about facilitating access to better food supplied by families who share our vision to see other families live healthier and happier in the community. 

Support locals with your excess

In an era where technology has kept more people isolated than ever before, Food Markies connects local families through what has always bound us together through thousands of generations. We connect families who produce or sell sustainable foods with other families who want to buy them in the neighbourhood. With Food Markies, families can discover and connect with hearts that share their food values, hands that offer their preferred type of food and ears that can listen to their concerns. They can eat confidently, knowing exactly where and how their food is made or sourced.

Food Markies company believes in a society where excess food does not waste. We offer our online shops to local food charities to enable them to collect and redistribute surplus food in the area to families that are happy to have the excess. 

Thriving Communities

We are committed to empowering families in localities to create opportunities for one another through a community-led food system. We believe that a vibrant community food system will allow families to access better quality foods for good health, share deeper connections, and create local opportunities for their community to thrive better.
We are creating an enabling environment for families to start or grow the food business brand they believe in and sell their products to families who share similar values in their neighbourhood. We believe that when small food businesses thrive, it creates multiple business and employment opportunities for families in their locality.

Wendy's story
Mike is a new resident in Nowra. He prefers to take fruit juice he is confident was made from fresh fruits rather than reconstituted. Mike Placed an order for Wendy's product when He discovered Wendy's business on Food Markies marketplace. Wendy, who runs a fresh juice business, orders freshly harvested oranges from Dan's orchard at Terara. She fulfils orders placed by Laura, Mike and Michelle. Laura's son- Les, a 17-year-old student at TAFE, finds professional product photography opportunities to help people like Wendy with her product photos. At the same time, Michelle's husband, a friendly delivery driver, collects orders to deliver to families, and they all love the great sense of humour that comes with his service. Laura can easily reach out to Wendy if she has any feedback or suggestions for improving her product offers. Mike and many other families find opportunities to supply products and services needed to support growing businesses like Wendy's. Families in the local area are happier with the food, the connection and opportunities for growth that they enjoy.

Food Markies marketplace aims to support local food production, sourcing, and distribution in communities. Our essence is  towards "better food and happier families"!

Food Markies... Better Food, Happier families!