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Food Markies platform removes the inconvenience of shopping local at multiple online or offline locations. Now, you can shop directly and support your local food growers and providers in one transaction.
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Shop & support local businesses in a convenient way!

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Search for products your local growers and suppliers offer, and add to cart.
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Checkout and make payment. Stripe securely manages all payments made to businesses on Food Markies
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Accept delivery or  pick up

Accept delivery or pick up your orders at the designated local hub for your area.

Why shop on Food Markies?

  • Save time and enjoy convenient one-stop shopping with local food growers, producers, artisans and retailers in your area.

  • Source local, know where your food is coming from, and reduce food miles for a better environment.

  • Support small producers of good quality food to grow and keep healthier food coming to local families.
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              Shop with confidence.
              Know where your food is from and who your money is helping.

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              HOW IT WORKS
              • Search Food Markies for items you would love to shop,
              • Add items to cart
              • Checkout and make payment. 
              • Get your order in at least one delivery or pick up from a single location.
              Products that are not eligible for one-stop delivery or pick up would be fulfilled separately. You will find delivery/pick up information on the prouct detail page. 

              Supporting other families
              • Click on the "Charities" link on Food Markies' website menu.
              • Select a food charity store in your community.
              • Click on the blue donations button to donate food to your local charity.
              • To shop, add items on your local charity store to cart, checkout and make payment.
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              Enjoy a community lifestyle where locals conveniently support locals to keep offering the best quality food for better health.
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