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Experience a beautiful community lifestyle.

Order fresher foods from your local food businesses and charities in one transaction. Have your orders delivered or pickup locally. Donate your excess garden harvest to charities to support other families. 
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Enjoy Fresher Foods While Supporting Your Community

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Discover local food wherever you are

Find what's fresh near you – for a more sustainable lifestyle.
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Shop direct with producers

Shop with food producers &
businesses you can verify and engage with.
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Support people in your community.

Support other families in your community  by donating excess harvest from your garden to local charities 

Why buy on Food Markies?

  • Access fresher, more sustainable and cleaner food produced closer to home.

  • Know exactly where your food is coming from and what you are eating.

  • Protect food integrity and improve food security. The longer the food supply chain, the lesser your control over what you eat.

  • Support the growth of local food businesses that put humanity before profit and people's health before wealth.
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          Food Markies is an easy way to shop local and empower
          your local community to thrive.

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          HOW IT WORKS
          • Search Food Markies for items you would love to shop,
          • Add items to cart
          • Checkout and make payment. 
          • Depending on your choice, your order would be delivered or available for pick up locally.
          If you can't find the items you need, please invite a producer you know to join the Food Markies community for your area.

          Supporting other families
          • Click on the "Charities" link on Food Markies' website menu.
          • Select a listed food charity store in your community.
          • Click on the blue donations button to notify the local charity about your intention to donate.
          • You will be advised on how best to go about this.
          If you don't find your local food charities  please invite them to join the Food Markies community for your area..

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          Join your local Food Markies community today

          Enjoy a community lifestyle where locals support locals to thrive, and food is produced closer to home.
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