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Description :

Tea Journeys, English Breakfast Tea is a classic full bodied traditional tea. This tea uses a blend of various black teas originating from areas of Sri Lanka. 

Story :

English Breakfast Tea is said to be created by Robert Drysdale who originally named it "Breakfast Tea". Tea was originally and initially a beverage to enjoy in the afternoon, however Drysdale sought for a stronger tea to drink in the morning. In the 18th century Queen Victoria tasted this breakfast blend and loved it so much she returned home with a large supply and renamed it "English breakfast" tea. Because of Drysdale, all our tea lovers know that this is a wonderful beverage to help you start your day feeling energised and ready for your day.

Processing Method :

This black tea is picked from an area of SriLanka at a higher elevation. The teas are picked, then withered for a lot longer than other types of black tea, to allow the moisture content to be naturally expelled. The leaves are then exposed to a rolling process to bring the leaf to a certain standard. The final process is to stop the fermentation process, which prevents the leaf from further oxidation.

Our English Breakfast tea gives our tea drinkers a distinctive full-body character

Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

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Black tea

Best Brew
English Breakfast Best Brew

Kandy, Ceylon

Tasting notes

Lighter more floral notes with a hint of citrus in the background