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Connect with thousands of potential customers in your community, take orders and deliver your products or offer pickup.
On Food Markies, locals can shop with various food businesses around their location, in one transaction.
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How it works

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Why sell on Food Markies?

  • Quicker local discovery and instant sales from high intent buyers.
  • Great for high volume bulk and retail trade.
  • Designed to drive instant sales without taking up your time
    • Created to help you connect directly with buyers and thrive where you belong.
    Open your Food Markies Store
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    Simple and transparent pricing

    Free storefront. No set-up fees, subscription fees, listing fees, monthly fees. 

    It's risk free. No sale, no cost to your business.

    Be among the first to sell on Food Markies
    and enjoy 50% off our standard commission fees FOR LIFE!

    15%  + AU$0.70
    8%  + AU$0.50 

    Only when you make a sale.

    We process payments via Stripe, a secure, SSL-encrypted platform with fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

    Make your passion for food production
    more rewarding with less effort.

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    What can I sell on Food Markies?
    You can sell all kinds of healthy varieties of locally produced food items that people in your community would be happy to order from you. These can be food items like farm fresh produce or their derivatives, wines, preserves, baked goods, dried goods frozen meals, cooked meals and more. However, you must ensure that your products comply with all food regulations and safety standards of your state.
    How do I get paid for my goods?
    Food Markies has partnered with Stripe and Flutterwave to process all its payments on Marketplace. In order to receive your payment, you will be required to register with the payment service provider that is operational in your location when setting up your store on Food Markies. If you already have an account with a relevant provider, you will only need to connect your existing account to your store.
    How do customers get their order?
    You can either deliver your orders or offer pick up option to your customers. Many of your customers would be located around your community so this should be pretty easy. In the spirit of the Food Markies community, you can also support local delivery businesses by hiring their services for efficiency. If you have an under utilized delivery van, you may also offer pick up/ delivery services to neighboring businesses or families when dropping off your goods.
    What license do I need to sell food products on Food Markies?
    Each state in Australia has its own requirement. The Australian Institute of Food Safety provides a useful page that covers the licenses needed to run a food business, available on their website.
    How Do I Sell On Food Markies?
    Simply sign up as a seller on Food Markies to Set up your online store. Once done, list your products and spread the word to your contacts. We have good multiple support system to help you get started easily
    Does Food Markies buy to sell local food products?
    No. Food Markies only facilitates direct trade between local food producers/suppliers and buyers.

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