World Tea and Chocolate - 8 Sample Selection

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Tea Journeys 14/32 Trim Street, South Nowra NSW, Australia
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Product details

A packet of samples from Tea Journeys products across our tea range, the perfect gift for all tea lovers out there.

We can all attest to the "try before you buy" philosophy. We want to know what we are in for before committing; Tea Journeys has a role to play to all of our customers, providing the best quality products for the best price. We feel 100% confident in the products that we supply and we are equally confident you will find your new favourite hidden within these sample packs. 

Each sample sachet holds approximately 3 serves of tea. Savour the flavours and find your new favourite with each brew. 

The photo is an example of the tea/chocolate you should receive. All our packs are individually made to order and teas used are regularly changed.  Please feel free to request any specific samples